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  • windmills holland tour
  • windmills holland tour

Enjoy a five hour trip with the best Holland has to offer outside Amsterdam. Visit the most famous windmills of Holland, taste Dutch cheese, see how wooden shoes are made, explore typical fishing villages and admire the summer residences of the rich and famous of the Dutch Golden Age.

What you can expect

  • Visit Holland’s most famous windmills at Zaanse Schans
  • See how wooden shoes are made
  • Taste the best cheese in a traditional dairy farm
  • Explore the typical fishing village of Volendam
  • Stroll through picturesque Broek in Waterland

Zaanse Schans windmills

The tour starts with the most famous windmills of Holland, just a fifteen minutes drive from Amsterdam. Zaanse Schans is the oldest industrial area of Europe and the backbone of the Dutch Golden Age, when hundreds of windmills stood on the banks of the river Zaan. These wonderful machines are the pride of Holland. You can visit a spice mill and smell the exotic spices of the Dutch East Indies, see how a paint mill produces paint the way Rembrandt did, or watch how a fully operational saw mill works.

Cheese farm and wooden shoes

On the next stop we’ll visit a family owned dairy farm that still produces cheese in the traditional way. Learn about the two most famous types of Dutch cheese, Gouda and Edam. We’ll taste twelve delicious cheeses! This farm also houses one of the very few remaining professional wooden shoe makers of Holland. He will demonstrate how they are made out of fresh logs and explain why many people still wear clogs in Holland. Try them on! They’re much more comfortable than they look.

Fishing village Volendam

Just a stone’s throw away is Volendam, one of the oldest fishing villages in Holland. Walk up the old sea levee and see the former Zuiderzee (Southern Sea) stretch out over the horizon. Volendam is the best place to try Dutch seafood dishes. Try ‘haring met uitjes en zuur’ (herring with onions and pickles), ‘kibbeling’ (pieces of fried cod) or ‘gerookte paling’ (smoked eel). After lunch explore the ‘Doolhof’, literally the Maze. This is where the fishermen lived with their families in a labyrinth of alleyways and tiny houses. These are some of the smallest houses in Holland: imagine the inhabitants sleeping sitting up because of the lack of space!


A short drive from Volendam we’ll visit Monnickendam, one of the oldest towns in Holland and a large marina for traditional Dutch sailing vessels. Learn how the Dutch sailed the seas and how levees and locks work.

Old Dutch villages in Waterland

Final stop on the tour is the lovely little town of Broek in Waterland. In the Dutch Golden Age this beautiful village was a leisure spot for wealthy people from Amsterdam wanting to enjoy the countryside in summertime. Near a calm lake they build brightly painted summer residences and teahouses. Try some true Dutch Schnapps, like Jenever and Schipper Bitter and imagine how the rich and famous spend their summer days here.

What’s included

  • Transportation by van
  • Guide
  • Dutch cheese tasting
  • Wooden shoe demonstration
  • Old Dutch schnapps tasting

What’s not included

  • Lunch and drinks